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Still Family

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The loss of a child is difficult to comprehend even as an adult; helping a child to process sibling loss is even more complicated. As a parent there is a natural desire for all of our children to be acknowledged, especially within the family. Still Family dedicates itself to providing opportunities for siblings to connect with peers through social and volunteer events. As an outreach, Still Family provides comforting keepsake items to siblings of those that have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

In addition to siblings, all members of a family including mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are supported in their own grief journey. We need to support each other as we’re all Still Family.

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Sibling Bags

Still Family delivers Sibling Bags to local Pittsburgh hospitals where they are given to families experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss. Each Sibling Bag contains: a teddy bear with a hat, a blanket, and the book “We were gonna have a baby, but we had an angel instead."

The Sibling Bags are meant for a family of siblings to share the contents. It is our hope the Sibling Bags provide siblings with a loving bonding experience as they grieve for their brother or sister.

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Ways for Children to Remember their Sibling

Enjoy the memory of your baby that passed away through the love and kindness of your living children. Included below are ideas on how to help a child remember their sibling:

Family Activities
  • Frame and display ultrasound photos or photos of your baby around the home.
  • Consider ordering a or to match the birth weight of your baby. Use the bear to represent the baby in family photos, etc. and explain the representation to your child.
  • Compile a memory box for your baby and show the items to your child. Update the memory box with items collected over the years.
  • Baking and art projects are wonderful ways to have children open up to you without prying into their feelings.
  • Have a piggy bank that belonged to your baby. Reward their living siblings with money that they can feed into the bank.
  • Attend a public memorial activity as a family.
  • Hold a personal family remembrance event (balloon release, candle lighting, lantern release, etc.)
Visiting a sibling's gravesite
  • Bring books to the gravesite and have the living siblings read a story (or tell one).
  • Have your living children shop for gravesite decorations and assist with decorating the grave.
  • Give your living children small gifts that they can enjoy at the graveside  (Play-doh set, bubbles, etc.). Allow your living children to “play” with their sibling.
  • Plan a family picnic and include your living children in the planning. Don’t forget to bring plenty of food and a big blanket to sit on.
Gift-giving for holidays (Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc.)
  • Have your living children buy one Christmas present for each other, including their sibling in heaven.
  • Hang a stocking and have presents under the tree for the baby that passed away, but have them be items your living children can use like glitter glue, markers, or special coloring books.