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Miscarriage is devastating. A joyful season of pregnancy cut short and a baby lost before he or she was really known. Many times you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet, or only a few special people knew, making the loss a lonely, hidden one. If you have experienced a miscarriage, we are so sorry for the loss of your dear child. It is painful physically and emotionally, and the grief brought on by a loss of someone you didn’t know and didn’t really meet but loved with all your heart is complex.

Still Missed is a group of families that have experienced miscarriage and desire to provide community and support to those that experience this loss. Our hope is to bring families who experience miscarriage comfort and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Just like our miscarriage stories are different, our grief journeys will be different as well. We do not compare grief here. Some may choose not to remember their babies, or struggle in grief because of their loss, or not be willing to grieve. For those that want to grieve and find healing, we hope that we can help you along that journey.

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Miscarriage Care Packages

Too often we hear Moms of miscarriage say they left the OB office or ultrasound room with nothing but a broken heart. The Still Remembered Project believes no Mom should go home empty handed. Everyone should have the opportunity to remember their baby no matter how brief their gestation.

With great excitement Still Missed delivered their first set of Miscarriage Care Packages to a local Pittsburgh hospital in January 2017. Our hope is to provide these packages for every woman in our community who experiences this devastating loss.

Our hope is that these miscarriage care packages let her know she is not alone, to help her feel nurtured, and to give her a place to turn where she will be met with compassion and tenderness from women who have traveled this road before her. Each item in the package was thoughtfully placed in there by fellow miscarriage Moms.

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We are working to compile resources that will offer “road tested” wisdom in grieving a miscarriage and supporting someone else through miscarriage. If you have experienced a miscarriage or have come alongside someone experiencing miscarriage, we would like to learn about your loss and grieving process. Any information you provide in the survey is anonymous and treated as confidential. We will use the insights we receive to serve families experiencing miscarriage.

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