Grieving Parents

When your baby passes away it is an unthinkable tragedy, but it is our babies that bring our lives together in this moment. Each story is unique, just as each child is unique. We hope it brings comfort to you to know that you are not alone. Each one of us at The Still Remembered Project has endured the loss of a child. The following resources are some we have gathered through our own grief in hopes of helping others on their journey of grief.

Celebrate and Remember

Just as everyone's grief journey is different, so are the ways a grieving parent can remember and honor their baby. Your special remembrance for your baby might be as simple as lighting a candle, releasing balloons, or even holding a birthday party. As the days and years go on, how you remember, honor and celebrate your baby might change, and that's okay too.  We have put together suggestions we pray help you and your family remember/ honor your little one.  We pray you find comfort, love and healing as you find your own special way to remember and honor your baby.

Celebrate & Remember
Over Time

Counseling and Crisis Resources

Experiencing the passing of your child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death is a trauma. Many of us have utilized counselors, pastors, and other mental health services to support us along the grief journey. Please seek out support.

Find Help Now

Grieving as a Dad & Supporting your Spouse

Grieving as a Dad can sometimes be lonely. You may feel like the only time you can let your emotions out is when you are alone, because you feel like you need to be "strong" when you are around everyone else. There are certainly times when your spouse may need you to be collected, clear headed, and a rock to prop up against, but you do not have to be that way every minute of every day. It is okay to be emotional, upset, vulnerable, even hysterical. You will process your grief in your own time, so do not try to fit your grief into any other mold.

For Dads

Important Dates

As we work together to raise awareness for pregnancy and infant loss, we also want to share some important dates throughout the year that are recognized by so many of us in the bereavement community. 

  • International Bereaved Mother’s Day:  This occurs the 1st Sunday in May (the Sunday before the traditional Mother’s day) and is a day to recognize and honor bereaved mothers.  This day is celebrated by many in the bereavement community across the globe. Many bereaved mothers and families will gather with others that day to honor and remember their children gone too soon.  Bereaved Mothers are celebrated, honored and remembered as well.
  • National Nurses Week: We celebrate the nurses who have stood by our side and are a huge part of our lives during National Nurses week which begins every year on May 6th and ends on May 12th.  We appreciate the hearts and dedication of the nurses who not only remember our babies, but work everyday to help raise awareness and improve care for bereaved parents.
  • 2nd Sunday in May. Mother’s Day.  Even if she has no living children, she is a mom to a child in heaven.  She is a Mother.
  • October 15th. International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day and Wave of Light. To be part of the Wave of Light around the world, take a photo of your candle and post it to Facebook or Twitter using #WaveOfLight at 7pm local time.
  • Children’s Grief Awareness Day -
  • 2nd Sunday in December. Worldwide Candle Lighting Day (created by The Compassionate Friends).