As Time Goes On

As time goes on, it is helpful to remember...

Important Dates

Send a card, call, get together, send flowers or a gift, or something else. Do something on that date, or help them celebrate/remember somehow

  • Child’s Birthday/Loss Date. 
  • Child’s due date. If the mom goes into labor early, note what would have been her due date.  That date can be especially hard.
  • Bereaved Mother’s Day.  This is the first Sunday in May every year. 
  • Mother’s Day.  Even if she has no living children, she is a mom to a child in heaven.  She is a Mother.
  • October 15th. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
  • Wave of Light.
  • Child Grief Awareness 
  • Christmas and other Religious Holidays. 

Attend Remembrance Events

Attend remembrance events with the mom/ family if they invite you to attend with them.

Say the Baby's name

Say the Baby’s name appropriately in conversation, like how you would refer to anyone else.

Holidays can be hard

Holidays can be a hard time for bereaved families. Checking in, doing something in honor, or having a special time together can mean a lot.

Grief doesn’t have a deadline

Grief comes in waves as time goes on. Sometimes it is intense and other times the pain lessens. It goes on even if they have living children, or even after living children are grown.

Remember them

The baby will always be a part of their family, even if they are not physically here. Remembering them is always appreciated.

Counseling and Crisis Resources

Experiencing the passing of your child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death is a trauma. Many of us have utilized counselors, pastors, and other mental health services to support us along the grief journey. Please seek out support.

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